Sunday, 23 April 2017

Made for Play

One of my favourite things is letting my kids loose in nature and just seeing them play

No toys, no structure, no boundaries. Just them, the natural world and their vast creativity and imagination.

Children were made for play. 

It is how they actively learn and engage, practise social skills, internalise life's lessons and on and on. Play matters!

I love clothes that are made for play too! So when Elves in the Wardrobe sent me a few items of gorgeous Scandi-style clothes for the kids, I was thrilled. Perfect excuse ( I needed one?! haha) for a little photo shoot at the beach when we visited over Easter weekend. We started off with a few posed shots which soon dissolved into jumping, leaping, splashing and running around... 'cos...well.... kids!

I just gotta say I loooove Scandi-style kids clothes. Bright, colourful, fun, unisex (perfect for handing down between siblings!), comfy organic cotton.., just brilliant for kids to play - while looking plenty adorable too! Those prints!!.... argghhh, too cute. I just need a giraffe top in my size ;) 

Just like kids are made to play, these clothes are too. Perfect x

Day is done.... well played, kids, well played xx

Thank you, Elves in the Wardrobe, for sending the kids these gorgeous clothes!

Friends, be sure to click on over to check out more designs. Featuring top brands like Duns Sweden, Alba Baby, Loud and Proud and lots more. All tops and pants featured here were from the shop :)  xx

These clothes were sent to me as a gift. All opinions are 100% my own! I only share stuff here I really love :) 

Sunday, 9 April 2017

14.52 boys in the (pretend) kitchen

Sometimes it's admittedly easier to just say 'yes' when they beg  ask to watch a TV show, but the results when they are instead sent outside to play are ever so much more delightful (if not messier, noisier, etc etc).

The latest favourite activity is retrieving containers from the recycling bin and creating new 'dishes' out of them, using water, dirt, leaves, flowers and so on.

Today was 'honey water' and 'coconut smoothie'.... as I was asked to sniff them several times, I can confirm they did indeed smell very good.

A little boredom and a lot of outside time leads to childhood magic. 

Yes, there will still be TV shows but something tells me these moments are the one they might remember most fondly from childhood (well, they will certainly be more photographed, haha!).

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2017.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

13.52 sweeping, swinging, shadows

A few portraits (I couldn't choose just one!) of my little ones from the week that was...

I really need to get the dust off this camera of mine, sigh!!

We have been trying to do more 'family service projects' on Saturday. This Saturday we were helping clear out and clean up a centre that is being transformed into a community support hub. Once again, this happy little helper was right in the thick of it, helping out and working hard. 

'Look at me, Mum! It's a constant refrain around here...
She decided to get a fringe again, and suddenly, once more, she is a whole new girl to me xx

Sunday, 26 March 2017

12.52 bubbly

She is such a ham!!

My quirky, delightful, joy-filled girl. 

Today, my husband called her a Little Princess and she sweetly replied, 'Dad, do you think you could call me a Little Tree Climber instead? 'Cos I think that's a bit more realistic?!'

Love it.

You do you, dear girl, we will just sit back and watch in awe.

{Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2017}

Sunday, 19 March 2017

11.52 farmer's market

My boy and I had an early morning outing to the local Farmer's Market before we headed on to church.

We had blueberry bagels and coffee (well, babycinno in his case!) and perused the stalls, picking up all kinds of fresh, local, delicious goodies. Eli could choose any fruit or vegetable that he wanted... and he chose a punnet of figs and ate about five in a row!! This kid loves his food, that's for sure.

It was such a lovely morning of wandering around and exploring with my sweet son, eating and chit-chatting together, bundling up memories along with our fruit and vegetables. 

We will be back.... and not just for the blueberry bagels!

{Project 52: A portrait of my family once a week, every week, in 2017}

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

8.52 {what scares you} tired goggly eyes

A tuckered out little boy, eyes ringed by goggle marks, taking a little poolside power-nap xx

Soon, all smiles again, my little sunshiney son....

We have just returned from a two week road trip up and down the East Coast of Australia. We swam, swam, swam, like never before! For most of the trip, I either could not be bothered to pull out the 'big camera' (so slack!) and then when I did found it wasn't working as I had killed the battery. I revived it just in time to take a couple of shots so here they are. When I get my act together, I might try to put all my phone photos into one big blog post just to commemorate the trip as it really was something special.... we visited SO many places and saw SO many lovely friends. It was a really special trip, filled with adventure and memory making and sunshine!

This week's photo theme was 'what scares you'. Well, it was something that scared not me but my darling middle man, which was swimming. Ok, not a huge fear but he just wasn't yet super confident in the water. We made it a little challenge over our two week trip up to Queensland to try and swim every day.... and we did, and then some! The kids swam every day and often two or three times in a day! From hotel pools to my Dad's pool to the beach to the river... they swam and swam and swam. And this kid, this beautiful boy, went from a fairly tentative swimmer to swimming three laps of the pool in one go, diving, jumping and just going for gold. It was amazing to watch, I was so proud to see him flourish with confidence :) 

One morning at my Dad's pool, the kids decided to make a world record of spending the longest time in a pool (ha!). Three hours later, Lily was asking me to call the government and inform them of their progress and Eli was asking if they could sleep IN the pool overnight so they could keep going. When I let him know that would not be an option he eventually dragged himself out to have a little power nap poolside. Then jumped back in for another hour or two!

{Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2017)

Sunday, 12 March 2017

10.52 {colour} twins in the tree

I look at these two and I think of how sweet girlhood can be.

Lily reunited with a lovely little friend and it's instantly like no time has passed. Giggling and playing Banagrams, buying matching overalls, swimming and splashing together, climbing trees and leaping waves, going (nervously) rollerblading and digging in the sand, and just chatchatchatting.... I mean, seriously!

Girlhood is so delightful. How precious it is to see them unfurl through a mother's nostalgic and doting eye xx

{Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2017)