Monday, 27 November 2017

Giveaway!! Framed & Custom Designed Foil Print

Hey guys,

Just popping in quickly to say I am running a gorgeous giveaway of TWO framed and custom designed foil prints - the perfect Christmas present! It is hard to describe how beautiful they are in real life :)

You do NOT want to miss out on entering this gorgeous giveaway! Foil & Frame will work with you to make a design of your choice - whether it's a quote, a poem, a Bible verse, or a child's name and birth details etc.... the options are endless. And the end result is sure to be treasured!

I am running one giveaway on my Instagram and on my Facebook page.

Hop on over and enter :) Good luck!

Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, 26 November 2017

44.52 A rush of blood to the head

Head stands, cart wheels, round offs, bridges.

All day, every day.

She literally makes herself dizzy but she will not stop!

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2017.

Monday, 20 November 2017

43.52 family fun at the fete

We love fete season, how about you?

Fun, fair food, quirky activities, craft, community and all for a good cause...what's not to love? Especially as it signals the end of the year and warmer weather, hooray!

I took the kids to a local school fete and we had such a blast! 

Loved roaming around with them, seeing them explore, try new things, have a laugh and make a bundle of memories. And eat junk food of course ;) 

These crazy kids, I do love them xx

When you are trying so hard to be tall enough to ride the bumper cars.
Sadly, not yet, buddy x

Just a couple of cool dudes, kicking back and laughing their heads off in the whirling pink tea cups. These images make me smile because I had told the kids they could each choose one ride to go on. Miles really wanted to go on the tea cups but was nervous to go on his own. Even though they were a bit young for Eli, he said he would go on with Miles to keep him company. *Melt* They laughed and laughed as the cups spun around. Love to see them having fun and being there for each other, as brothers should be!

Lily chose the rock climbing wall. It was much harder than she expected but she still gave it her very all!

The boys passed out after their whirling tea cup ride, haha! A leeeeeettle bit dizzy!

I said the kids could choose something (anything! one thing!) to eat as a treat because, hey, it's a fete! And this crazy boy!? He chose a free banana from the Woolworths stand (yes, Woolies was there giving out fruit!? That's new!). Anyway, I could not stop laughing as he plopped down on the grass to cheerily and contentedly eat his banana. Then a mandarin that I had brought from home. Don't get me wrong, he usually loves a treat! But for some reason, he just decided in his own mind that this was what he wanted that day. Props for listening to your tummy and your own mind, kid. Meanwhile, the rest of us had those yummy twirly potato things, lol.

She is a non-stop-cartwheeling-handstanding-fanatic these days!

And then.... there was fairy floss.

And at the end of the day... turns out animal petting zoos, whirling tea cups and all the rest just can't compare with some good ol' fashioned playing in the dirt with sticks....

PS I just have to give a shout out to my fave kids clothes store Elves in the Wardrobe who kindly sent us these adorable Scandi t-shirts (in my favourite ever Duns Sweden prints.... like seriously, Wind in the Willows and Forest Animals? Be still my heart!!). Not to mention the cutest and comfiest Alba Baby jumpsuit. Lily looooved running around all day in that comfy, easy to move in, jump suit and I was seriously wishing for one in my size. Kid-friendly clothes, made for play while looking adorable.... just perfect! Thanks a million to Elves in the Wardrobe for gifting us these lovely clothes! :) 

Sunday, 12 November 2017

42.52 Two boys on a Slater Mission

Ok, ok, these kids really need a dog!! Ha!

Eli suddenly decided he needed more pets and that Slaters would do the job (frankly, they were the most accessible options). Miles quickly got on board and the boys then spent literally hours over several days digging through the garden, pulling up rocks and hunting around in nooks and crannies for Slaters. 

They kept them in an open plastic container, which was a literal Slater Playground, with rocks and leaves and dirt and bridges. I don't think those Slaters had ever known so such luxury accommodations! Certainly, they had never been showered with such love and attention. The boys loved just observing them in their habitat, crawling (do they crawl?!) around happily until eventually being released back into the wild (aka our backyard).

It never ceases to charm me. Seeing children seize on an idea and follow it through with dedication, intense interest, passion and joy. I love to see them follow their own lead, I love to watch them deep in play. 

Childhood, it's a magical land. I hope they get to live there for a long while yet... 

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2017.

41.52 little chicken lover

This girl, she loves animals and these chickens get a lot of her attention. Maybe too much, lol.

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2017.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

40.52 Historic Mugga Mugga House // Making Water Wheels!

We spend a fascinating afternoon during the school holidays out at Canberra's historic and beautiful Mugga Mugga house. Only 15 minutes from my house but somehow we have never explored this beautiful historic homestead!?

It was the location of a wonderful hands-on holiday workshop run by ACT Historic Places

After a tour around the fascinating homestead, the children were led in a workshop by a local artist who showed them how to construct a water wheel. They discussed how water wheels were used back in the original homestead days and soon the kids were merrily (and noisily!) hammering away, constructing their own! It was the prettiest workshop background I ever did see too - that view?! No fingers were damaged, the kids had a blast and were so proud of their creations (that I forgot to photograph, oops!). But I loved seeing them work with their hands and with such industry. Such concentration and cuteness. Afterwards, they trialled the water wheels under running water and best of all, in the coming week they experimented with them at home too, using our garden tap and with a lot of splashing!! 

I love that we never cease to find new adventures and places to explore in our own backyard!

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2017.

Monday, 30 October 2017

39.52 The Wall with Friends

A school holiday outing with friends to the National Museum to see the Towers of Tomorrow Lego Exhibition. 

Of course, an outing to the museum is never complete without a clamber along this big rock wall just outside. Over the years I have so many memories of the kids scaling the edges, walking the ledge, being ever so brave and generally making me bite my lip as I watch them from afar!

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2017. 

The November Christmas Shopping Challenge!

Are you up to the challenge?!

That's right, challenge yourself to get ALL your Christmas shopping done in November - well, as much as possible anyway!


  • Because it means you get ALL of December to enjoy the magic of the holiday season with your friends and family without the stress and frazzle of last minute Christmas shopping.
  • You can avoid the hectic shops through ALL of December!!! #BONUS
  • Plenty of time for your online shopping to arrive (I do pretty much all my Christmas shopping online, how about you??)
  • You (and the kids!) don't get drawn into and tempted by all the crazy last minute Christmas advertising - shopping is already done, so just ignore the ads and go sing Christmas carols together, lol!
  • More time to enjoy Christmas parties, summery outings, school concerts, Christmas lights with the kids and even.... relaxing!!
  • If a last minute need for a present for someone crops up, it's not such a drama as you have plenty of 'bandwidth' to get something 'cos everything else is taken care of.

Every year, for the last few years, we have aimed to do all our Christmas shopping during November. A flurry of emails go back and forth between hubby and I from November 1st as we finalise our gift list (we do talk in real life too, haha) and get everything sorted. We don't really buy much for the kids or a huge extended family, but it still makes such a big difference to get it started early and be able to have that stress all taken care of come December 1st. Honestly, it's a huge relief and makes such a difference to launch into the silly season with the main to-do all taken care of.

More time for memory making and holiday fun? YES PLEASE!

So, why not join the challenge? Get cracking now and have it all done by December 1st.... then enjoy a fun, relaxing, magical Christmas season with your family and friends.

Let's do this!!!


Thursday, 26 October 2017

Christmas Wonderland // Family Photos

Christmas photos!!!! In October!!! Please don't kill me, haha!

It was such a wonderful treat to get Christmas photos this year.... I just had to share them.

Huge thanks to Mel and Mallie of Mel Hill Photography for having us as the guinea pigs for their Christmas mini-sessions. We have never had Christmas photos done before... not even Santa photos... so this was wonderful fun and a good excuse to get Christmas cards made this year! But how will I ever choose a favourite for our card!? #HELP!

Isn't this Christmas scene so magical.... like the Pottery Barn Christmas Catalogue of my dreaaaaaaams. We are not really this classy, lol. But the team worked magic on us, even with the kids tired and grubby coming straight from school. Amazing what some beautiful natural light and talented camera work can do!

And so... Christmas 2017, here we cooooooome!

There is always that one random kid licking the Christmas tree, haha!!!!!

But seriously.... so in love with these images. To be honest I never really considered a Christmas photo shoot before but now I am soooo glad I have them. So magical and precious and fun - and some plain family shots too which are good for all year around :)

Ok, I know it's only October but now I am soooooo in the mood for Christmas!

PS Definitely highly recommend Mel Hill Photography if you live around Canberra and are looking for a local photographer. Her studio is so gorgeous for all kinds of photography, I was dying over the cute newborn gear!